To fullfill the customer need, AAC manufactures long lasting insect repellent textile based products under the NoBuzz® brand using the Bi-Ko slow release technology.

The competitive advantage of these products is they use a safe and natural insect repellent that renders products safe for the whole family including toddlers. The textile based products are washable for at least 25 washes or last 8 months in the open.

Fig 10. Bar plot of foot-in-cage repellence tests.
Error bars represent 95% confidence intervals
Fig 11. Bar plot of arm-in-cage wash resistance tests.
Side by side repellent testing

AAC manufactures the proprietary insect repellent fibre and combines it with cotton / wool / polyester /polyamide to manufacture the final repellent textile based products. These innovative products are currently distributed at the Kruger National Park under Tourvest Destination Retail, Mopani pharmacies in Nelspruit, NoBuzz® online shop and

93% of outdoor mosquito bites by malaria transmitting mosquitoes are on the ankle and foot area. The customer need is to protect the lower limb area with a device that has a long-lasting repellent effect. This will greatly reduce the chance of getting infected with malaria.

Product Ranges

NoBuzz® Insect
Repellent Hiking Socks
Nobuzz® Natural
Repellent Cream/Spray
Nobuzz® Insect
Repellent Bands