About AAC

African Applied Chemical (Pty) Ltd is a bio-technology company that specialises in the manufacture of a proprietary slow release fibres (Bi-KoTM). These fibres are made mainly from polypropylene copolymer. The fibres are specially engineered to store a high amount of liquid within their matrix and slowly release small amounts over a long period of time. This technology is aimed at slowly releasing high value actives in order to prolong their residual effectiveness and reduce the overall cost of their use in practical applications. The technology was developed and patented by the University of Pretoria and exclusively licensed to AAC.

AAC is currently based at the Innovation Hub where it rents office and factory space. AAC’s production facilities are based at the CSIR Pretoria campus and operates under Nanomaterials Industry Development Facility (NIDF).

Fibre spinning plant
Fibre rewinder
(oiling & intermingling)
Staple cutter
(Non-woven applications)