Dr Mthokozisi Sibanda

Where it all began...

“My skin was burning but I was shivering with cold. I was so scared, scared that this time it may just kill me or if not, drive me mad.”

I was 8 years old and suffering from a repeat bout of malaria. This was also the beginning of my journey to find a solution for so many people living with the threat of malaria and sometimes even death. My name is Mthokozisi Sibanda. Having lived through the ravages of Malaria, seeing the unnecessary suffering of my community and so many due to the disease, finding a better way became my driving force and lead to my studies and ultimately a solution that I know can simplify and cost-effectively manage the infection rates of Malaria across the continent.

At AAC, we utilize a combination of technology and science to provide simple lifestyle products and applications for malaria-stricken areas, that could potentially save millions of lives.

The Facts

Malaria Cases
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Malaria Deaths
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Global Share of Malaria
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Bi-Ko™ Slow Release Technology

An innovative fibre specially engineered to store high amounts of organic actives which are then released at a slow rate in a controlled manner.
Innovative technology that extends the residual effectiveness of volatile organic actives.
Fibres infused with insect repellent are currently used to commercially manufacture long lasting insect repellent textile based products.
Malaria: Targeting outdoor mosquitos