Mthokozisi Sibanda (Chief Executor Officer)


I have always had passion for science. The beauty of arriving at an answer through experimentation and logic has always amazed me. During my PhD studies, I had the opportunity to travel to various European countries. It was in Europe that my thinking fundamentally changed from a job seeker to an entrepreneur.


Europe is strong and wealthy because of its ability to turn scientific knowledge into usable final products. It is then that I decided that I will never look for a job but I will start a company based on technology and manufacturing. In 2016 as fate would have it, we made a scientific breakthrough in the slow release technology of liquids from fabric yarns.


We patented this technology through the University of Pretoria and this gave birth to African Applied Chemical (Pty) Ltd. The name of the company simply means we are applying chemical technology to solve problems in Africa.

Kim Blakey (Product Development Manager)


My combined passion for innovation, my love for nature and the outdoors has been a key factor in my career path. Graduating with my BEng degree in Chemical Engineering and furthering my studies in the field of applied materials has broadened my ability to make a difference. Consciousness of the environment and the problems faced in Africa further inspire me to dream, innovate and create.

Tatenda P. Madzorera (Co-founder & Technical Manager )


Tatenda holds a BEng(Hons) Chemical Engineering degree and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in the same field. Tatenda is passionate about coming up with innovative solutions to tackle the problems faced by the African continent.


“To whom much is given, much is required”